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INCRA Build-It Starter Kit

build-it starter kit

Part Number: BKITSTART

Your new INCRA Build-It System Starter Kit provides all of the Build-It System components you’ll need to produce any of the 5 different beneficial jigs shown here, plus many more!

This highly versatile collection of Jig and Fixture “building blocks”, along with the included plans, will change the way you approach these and many other jig designs, making it possible to produce in minutes what used to take hours or even days.

Build-It Starter Kit Includes:

- 1 x Large Build-It Panel

- 1 x Small Build-It Panel

╪╕ûظـّ 2 x 18” T-Slot Panel Connector

- 1 x 18” Miter Slider

- 1 x Build-It Clamp

- 1 pr. x Build-It Brackets

- 1 set of 8 x Build-It Knobs

- 1 x 18” T-Track Regular

- 1 x 18” T-Track Plus

- 5 x FREE Jig Plans

make those 5 jigs and many more with your build-it starter kit:



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Build-It Starter Kit Components

Kit includes all of the Build-It System Components you'll need to produce all of the beneficial jigs shown here and more. Just connect the parts.

Build-It System Starter Kit

Build-It System Starter Kit.



Click to download INCRA Build-It Starter Kit Manual in PDF format.


INCRA T-Track RegularINCRA T-Track Regular Single T-Track, no scale. Choose from four lengths. Can be cut to fit your jig exactly.
INCRA Miter SliderINCRA Miter Sliders This long aluminum runner adjusts from the
TOP for perfect sliding action in any standard 3/4" x 3/8" miter gauge slot.
INCRA T-Track PlusINCRA T-Track Plus The only T-Track with an included adjustable scale. Choose from four lengths. Can be cut to fit your jig exactly.