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QuickLift Router Lift


The family of MagnaLOCK™ Router Table products is growing!

INCRA has teamed up with Woodpeckers, Inc. to introduce a custom version of Woodpeckers’ QuickLift Router Lift. You’ll make fast, precise height adjustments and change router bits entirely from above - no more hoisting a heavy router out of the table!
Note: Some 3.500"-diameter routers might need offset collet wrenches for above-table bit changes.

The concept is like nothing else: To raise or lower the router quickly, the Quick Lifting Tool disengages the lift’s mechanism, allowing the heaviest routers to travel freely with no cranking.  The router’s collet can be raised above the table for bit changes in 2 seconds!

The Micro Adjust Crank provides the finesse:  Each turn on the crank changes the height 1/32” for exceptional control, plus the indicator dial is graduated every 0.001” and can be reset to zero.

Like all INCRA Lifts & Router Plates, the exclusive MagnaLOCK system of embedded rare earth magnets with laser cut steel reducing rings gives you convenience and performance not available from twist-out or bolted-down rings: Ring changes are instant, and levelers under the magnets ensure each ring sits perfectly flush with the plate.

Unique Features, INCRA & Woodpeckers Quality!

  • - Make fast, precise height adjustments and change router bits from above
  • - Height dial is marked every 0.001” and can be re-zeroed
  • - Exclusive INCRA MagnaLOCK reducing ring system for instant ring changes
  • - MagnaLOCK rings have their own levelers for a perfectly flush fit
  • - Includes 5 steel reducing rings - 3/8", 1", 1-5/8", 2-5/8", 3-5/8"
  • - Accepts optional INCRA CleanSweep dust collection rings
  • - Responsive, direct drive 32 TPI lift screw mechanism
  • - Precision-machined 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" x 3/8" aluminum top plate
  • - Corner-mounted cam screw ensures a snug fit in INCRA router tables


Router Table Compatibility: Fits all INCRA Router Tables and some other brands that use a 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" x 3/8" plate size with a 0.750” corner radius. For tables like Kreg and JessEm that have no rabbeted ledge, use the CleanSweep Table Adapter to support the router lift.

Router Motor Compatibility:

QuickLift 414:  For the Milwaukee 5625-20 and 5626 routers

QuickLift 420:  For most cylindrical 4.200”-diameter router motors including:

  • - Triton Motor TFBR001
  • - Porter Cable 7518 & 7519
  • - JessEm PowRTek SR05300 & PowRTek 05200
  • - SpinRite 3.25hp
  • - Bora/Portamate P-254, -6000, -6200, & -6250
  • - MLCS 9564
  • - AUKTools V2, V3 ER 230V
  • - Grizzly T32461

QuickLift 350:  For most cylindrical 3.500”-diameter router motors including:

  • - Bosch 1617EVS,1618, GMF1400
  • - DeWalt DW610 & DW618
  • - SpinRite 2.25hp
    - Porter Cable 690-699 series & 890-899 series
  • - Craftsman 17543, 17540, & 28190
  • - Skil RT1322


Made in USA

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Simple, easy to use brake

Spring-assisted QuickLift Wrench releases the carriage for instant large height changes- fully up to change router bits, fully lowered, or anywhere between.

Note: 3.500”-diameter routers may need offset collet wrenches to allow above-table bit changes.
Spring assist lift wrench

Fine-adjust Crank Handle raised or lowers router by 1/32” per turn for exceptional control.  The height dial is graduated every 0.001” and can be separately rotated back to 0” for fast relative height measurements.

Including 5 MagnaLOCK reducing rings

Powerful rare earth magnets secure the steel INCRA MagnaLOCK reducing rings for fast changes, and the rings have their own levelers for a perfectly flush fit.

Includes 5 steel reducing rings (3/8", 1", 1-5/8", 2-5/8", 3-5/8") and accepts optional INCRA CleanSweep Rings for exceptional downdraft dust collection.



Click to download INCRA QuickLift Manual in PDF format.