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INCRA Flip Fence

flip fence

Part Number: FLIPFNC18, FLIPFNC36 & FLIPFNC52 (FLIPFNC18 shown here)

Available in 3 sizes - 18", 36" & 52".

The IncraLOCK Flip Fence and the extending IncraLOCK Flip Fence SE are both designed to give you outstanding fence performance and rigidity. Manufactured by Incra from aircraft grade aluminum extrusions, this fence profile is designed to coordinate perfectly with the Flip Shop Stop shown in these photos. The interlocking fingers on the Stop and Fence give you a perfect stop even when cutting sharply mitered workpieces. And of course, INCRA's patented rack system is fully integrated in the fence to give you the incremental accuracy made famous by INCRA Tools.

The INCRA Flip Fence and Flip Shop Stop are popular upgrades for all INCRA Miter Gauges, and the Flip Fence's mounting T-slot also allows integrating this stop and fence system into sleds and miter saws as described in this user video.

Flip Fences can be used with any INCRA Miter Gauge and the Flip Shop Stop. Flip Fences are NOT compatible with the standard Shop Stop.

(Optional Flip Shop Stop)


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Top-of-the-Line Fence

This Top-of-the-Line Fence Fits Any INCRA Miter Gauge.



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INCRA Flip Shop StopINCRA Flip Shop Stop Add our top-of-the-line Flip Shop Stop for the ultimate in repeatable accuracy. The dual-arm design is exceptionally rigid and the arms can be separated and operated independently. The expandable body even allows the use of a wooden zero-clearance sub fence (hardware included.)