Adjustable Angle Crosscut #007

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Adjustable Angle Crosscut - 007

Similar to Plan #001 (Adjustable Angle Crosscut with Drop Panel), this crosscut jig has a shorter 18" fence and uses fewer components to achieve comparable functionality. The T-Track Plus and user made stop positioner provide repeatable crosscut length control. The rear mounted T-Track Regular combined with a pair of Build-It Brackets and the twin T-Slot Panel Connectors allow for unlimited adjustment of the fence angle.

Begin by adding a Miter Slider to a small Build-It Panel. Place in your table saw's miter slot and adjust for a good fit, then add a T-Slot Panel Connector to each edge. Increase the platform width to cross the line of cut by adding the large Build-It Panel. Trim to the blade as described in Steps 3 & 4 shown on the reverse side of your Build-It Panel's wrapper then mount the cutoff from the large panel to the opposite side of the small panel. Make the 18" fence and stop positioner as shown in Fig. 3 and Detail 3A using 18" T-Track Regular and T-Track Plus components then attach to the T-Slot Panel Connectors using a pair of Built-It Brackets. Now you can adjust the fence to the desired angle, clamp your workpiece in place and begin your project's crosscut requirements with confidence.



Click to download Adjustable Angle Crosscut Jig Plan (007) in PDF format.


INCRA T-Track RegularINCRA T-Track Regular Single T-Track, no scale. Choose from four lengths. Can be cut to fit your jig exactly.
INCRA T-Track PlusINCRA T-Track Plus The only T-Track with an included adjustable scale. Choose from four lengths. Can be cut to fit your jig exactly.
INCRA Miter Slider SEINCRA Miter Slider SE The steel bars are more rigid than any wooden or plastic runners. Also compatible with all INCRA Build-It products.
INCRA Miter SliderINCRA Miter Sliders This long aluminum runner adjusts from the
TOP for perfect sliding action in any standard 3/4" x 3/8" miter gauge slot.
INCRA T-Slot Panel ConnectorINCRA Build-It T-Slot Panel Connectors Interconnect the 5/8” pre-cut and pre-drilled MDF Build-It Panels in seconds. Adds strength, rigidity and a rock solid T-slot.
INCRA Build-It ClampINCRA Build-It Clamp Works with any T-Track & INCRA’s New Build-It T-Slot Panel Connector.
INCRA Build-It PanelsINCRA Build-It Panels These universal 5/8" MDF Panels are pre-cut and pre-drilled to instantly accept INCRA's Miter Sliders and T-Slot Panel Connectors.