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INCRA custom rules

Part Number: CUSTOMRULE (TINYT03, TINYT75M, PKTRUL03 & T-RULE06 shown here)

Keep your company logo in front of your customers at the very time they are involved in woodworking. Measuring, marking and layout are primary activities in the shop and your logo will be closely seen more often than any other during typical projects.

It also doesn't hurt that many people consider these to be the finest marking and layout rules in the woodworking world. Please call 1.888.804.6272 for more details.

"Tiny" t-rule:

Tiny T-Rule
INCRA "Tiny" T-Rule
Part Number: TINYT03 (Imperial) or
TINYT75M (Metric)
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This is our pocket sized Tiny T-Rule. Measuring only 3" x 4.5". The Imperial model offers Incra's patented marking holes at every, 1/16th, 32nd and 64th from 0 to 3 inches and includes slotted height marking holes at every 32nd on the end. The Metric model has marking holes at every 1mm, 1/2mm and 1/4mm from 0 to 75mm with slotted height marking holes at every 1mm on the end. This size is so handy many of our customers keep it in their pocket anytime they are in the shop. These rules are also available in quantity for customization with your company logo.

Customized logo Pocket Rules:

2ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪ص x 3ظـزظــظ¤ش┬€ظـز╪ص Pocket Rules
2” x 3” Pocket Rules
Part Number: PKTRUL03
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This is our Pocket Rule. It measures exactly the same as a standard business card or 2" by 3.5". It offers Incra's patented marking holes at every 1/16th and 1/32nd from 0 to 3 inches. It also has height marking holes at every 32nd on the end. This size is obviously the perfect size to keep in your pocket, which is another reason why so many of our customers give these as promotional items or personal gifts.


T-Rules Imperial 6"

INCRA T-Rules Imperial 6", 12" & 18"
INCRA T-Rules Metric 150mm & 300mm
(6" model shown here)

Part Number: T-RULE06, T-RULE12, T-RUL18, TRUL150M, TRULE300M
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This is our (Imperial) T-Rule shown here in the 6 inch version. It is also available in 12 and 18 inch lengths. This rule offers Incra's patented marking holes at every 1/16th, 32nd, and 64th of an inch. All three lengths also offer 0 to 3" height markings on the end in 32nds. Metric versions are available in 150mm and 300mm lengths with marking holes at every 1mm, 1/2mm and 1/4mm with slotted height marking holes at every 1mm on the end. Both the Imperial and Metric T-Rule are also available in our combination pack Rule Sets.


detail focus

Close up

How to use these rules: Wonderful web site or toll free number promoters. What other item in the shop can put your website address or phone number right where they are looking dozens of times on every project they do. Make sure your information is visible all the time where customers won't have to look it up and possibly get distracted by a competitor. Ideal Impulse Items for your checkout area. Not too expensive, very small and darn handy! Their "pocket size" means many previous purchasers will pick up extras just because they sometimes misplace the ones they already have. Great Giveaways when you want to make a positive first impression followed by long term reminders for potential customers. Every time the customer uses your rule, they see your company message. Perfect Premiums for an added incentive to make the suggested purchase. Particularly when this is the only way to get a customized rule, this approach appeals to the little "collector" in us all.

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Click to download Complete INCRA Rules in Windows Media format (32.3MB, PLEASE BE PATIENT - this may take several minutes to load.)


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