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INCRA Marking Rules

INCRA precision marking rules

Part Number: RULE06, RULE12, RULE18, RULDM10 & PKTRUL03
metric part number: RULE150M & RULE300M

INCRA scores again with its precision steel rule. Available in 6", 12", 18", 150mm, 300mm, 10" Decimal/mm and 3"x2" (Pocket Rule) Lengths.

Precision steel rule

The precision steel rule select the proper slot or hole, insert a .5mm mechanical pencil and mark the measurement with dead-on accuracy.

Marking Rules Imperial 6", 12" & 18":

Marking Rules Imperial 6" 12" 18"
INCRA Marking Rules Imperial 6", 12" & 18" (6" shown here)
Part Number: RULE06, RULE12 & RULE18
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This is our regular Marking Rule shown here is the 6 inch version. It is also available in 12 and 18 inch lengths. This rule offers Incra's patented marking holes at every 1/16 and 1/32 inch from 0 to 6 inches.

These Marking Rules are also available in our combination pack Rule Sets.

Marking Rules Metric 150mm & 300mm:

Marking Rules Metric 150mm 300mm
INCRA Marking Rules Metric 150mm & 300mm (150mm shown here)
Part Number: RULE150M & RULE300M
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Available in 300mm or the 150mm length shown here, our Metric Marking Rules are precisely what's needed for international accuracy. These rules offer marking holes at every 1/4 millimeter! This is unmatched in the industry of marking rules.

Marking Rules 10" Decimal/mm:

Marking Rules 10" Decimal/mm
INCRA Marking Rules 10" Decimal/mm
Part Number: RULDM10
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This is our 10" Decimal Inches and Millimeters Marking Rule. The perfect combination of traditional English and modern Metric measuring. This rule offers marking holes and slots at every 1/20th of an inch and every 1.0 millimeter. This amazing accuracy combined with INCRA's famous ease of use, makes this combination rule a worldwide success.

2” x 3” Pocket Rules (Can be customized):

Pocket Rules
2” x 3” Pocket Rules (Can be customized)
Part Number: PKTRUL03
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This is our Pocket Rule. It measures exactly the same as a standard business card or 2" by 3.5". It offers Incra's patented marking holes at every 1/16th and 1/32nd from 0 to 3 inches. It also has height marking holes at every 32nd on the end. This size is obviously the perfect size to keep in your pocket, which is another reason why so many of our customers give these as promotional items or personal gifts.


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Micro-fine guide holes and slots

Micro-fine guide holes and slots at every 1/16" and 1/32" scale position instantly locate your sharp pencil or scribe at the exact measurement with zero uncertainty and no eye strain.

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INCRA 0.5mm Mechanical Marking PencilINCRA 0.5mm Mechanical Marking Pencil INCRA 0.5mm pencils mark the work perfectly without worry of parallax or angle slip.