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INCRA Aluminum Plate

Solid Aluminum MagnaLOCK RT Plates

Part Number: MLPUNDRILLED-AL, MLP1613-AL, MLP1619-AL, MLP3612C-AL, MLP621625-AL, MLP690890-AL, MLP7518-AL, MLPFT2000-AL, MLPFT3000-AL, MLPM12V-AL

INCRA's 3/8" Solid Aluminum Mounting Plates are the new standard for achieving perfect cutting results at your router table. Precision-machined aircraft grade aluminum and gold anodized plating translate to an easy glide for your workpiece. While the 3/8" thickness is robust enough for the heaviest of routers on the market today. Designed for and included with every INCRA Router Table Top, these plates will fit the standard 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" recess in most other router table tops as well.

Ten fine thread plate-leveling screws provide extreme control in leveling the plate to your table and rock solid support at any position around the plate. A simple quarter turn of the corner mounted Cam-Lock fastener securely locks the plate in the router table's recess.

All of INCRA's Aluminum Mounting Plates feature the exclusive MagnaLOCK™ magnetic throat plate system. Changing any of the included throat plates is a snap with the MagnaLOCK™ System. Just drop in the selected plate. The high energy, rare-earth magnets hold the plate secure and perfectly flush every time.

MagnaLOCK™’s instant, tool-free ring changes and perfectly flush fit for the rings make it simply the most convenient and best-performing ring system available. All of our mounting plates include three laser-cut steel rings with 1", 2-1/8" and 3-5/8" openings, and many more ring sizes are available as accessories.
Note: Specify your router preference when placing an order with your INCRA dealer. (See PDF for compatibility chart).


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3/8" thick precision-machined aluminum construction

3/8" thick precision-machined aluminum construction.

Cam-Lock 1/4 turn plate locking

Cam-Lock 1/4 turn plate locking.

MagnaLOCK Throat Plate System

MagnaLOCK™ Throat Plate System.

10 leveling screw positions

10 leveling screw positions.

Starter pin included for freehand work

Starter pin included for freehand work.



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INCRA 8pcs MagnaLOCK Ring SetINCRA 8pcs MagnaLOCK Ring Set (3/8", 5/8", 7/8", 1-3/8", 1-5/8", 1-7/8", 2-5/8" & 3-3/8") For upgrading an existing INCRA Table Saw System.
INCRA Free Standing Router TablesINCRA Free Standing Router Tables This upgrade kit includes the INCRA I-Stop and our patented incremental positioning racks for the fence to give it the same positioning accuracy as the INCRA Lite carriage.